Brand Promotion; a Better-half of all Occasions

Brand Promotion; a Better-half of all Occasions
 As the glitz of festive season is wiping away the dullness of summer season, Brands are wide-awake to encash this opportunity so as to boost-up their sales. The auspiciousness associated with Festivals and belief that it brings good fortune has proven this phase as a golden period for product promotion and new product launch. At the onset of festivals, promotional activities also comes in pace with it and that’s the reason we call it a better-half of all occasions. Festivals and promotional activities goes hand-in-hand, advertiser make sure that their products are synced with the theme of festival to establish a strong connection with the consumer and ultimately persuade them. Many people wait for festivals to buy big and important things of their life like first car, house, electronic items etc. All advertisers are well aware of this psychology of people so they don’t leave any stone unturned during this time period to hike their sales. Needs of people are been highlighted and solution is ensured from the advertiser’s end through tempting advertisements and other promotional activities throughout the festive season.

“Until and unless you don’t make your product known it won’t sale”
This all starts from ‘Baisaki’ the harvest festival which is believed to bring good fortune with the good harvest of crops followed by Raksha Bandhan and ends at Christmas and New Year. We Indians have a tendency to indulge in shopping spree in festive season, we wait whole year to purchase important things on festivals. Keeping this in mind promotional activities are linked up with the traditions and emotions of people to create an impression through creative communication. If the communication is strong and it strikes consumer it converts them into customer. Maximum advertisements in festival season have an emotional appeal with an objective to establish a bond of trust with target customers. The possibilities to establish this bond are maximum during this phase and no advertiser let this opportunity to go unturned.

The major media tools and methods used for promotional activities during this phase are;

Outdoor Advertising: The most common and traditional form of promotion is via hoarding, gantries, pole kiosks etc. which comes under the head of outdoor advertising. Plenty of hoardings with attractive lighting can be seen during festival season with a strong communication.

Print Advertisements: Many newspapers has to increase their number of pages due to bombardment of advertisements during festive season. Everyone wants to be in limelight in this phase so as to increase their sales. Many experiments are also adopted in newspaper like jacket advertisement, this is an innovative and impactful kind of promotional method. All other leaflets, pamphlets and paper insertion falls in this print category.

Television & Radio Commercials: All advertisers starts their Ad campaigns prior to upcoming festivals with a single motive to enhance their market share in this cutthroat competitive era. Television is believed to be the most powerful and impactful medium of communication and persuasion as it engage our both senses, seeing & hearing.

Kiosks & POP: Not traditional but this tool has come up as a strong medium in past few years. We can see promotion through POP i.e. point of purchase sales in various malls, grocery stores and supermarkets. This POP just reminds us of any item which we had forgotten to buy, it prompts us to buy them at same point of time we see them. Other than this Kiosks are also become a very common medium. All the pole kiosks which shows a repetitive campaign and same Ad works efficiently to make us remind, recall and persuade.

Besides this common traditional media tools many tempting offers and marketing strategies are also practiced in this phase like;

Attracting with SALE: Maximum clients promote SALE during festive season to attract consumer with minimum prize. This is a very common method and also it is proved to be successful maximum times.

Festive Discount Offers: This is another way to attract it is same as sale with a difference in a way to benefit consumer with discount rates on product they buy.

Lotteries & lucky Draw: Some clients announce lotteries and lucky draw at the end of festival which features big and tempting prize.

Freebies: Buy one get one free, buy 2 get 1 free or buy one product and get one accessory or small product free are kind of freebies that advertiser usually highlight to attract consumers.
All this methods and marketing strategies are practiced a lot to increase sales and maximize profits. Not only in festive season but throughout the year if we observe we will find that we are surrounded in a web of advertisements and tempting offers with a common objective of persuading and shifting out attitude into purchase behavior. And, no doubt the intensity of this promotional activities and marketing strategies increase to the maximum during festive season. It won’t be an exaggeration to say promotion as a better half of all occasions.


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